Wahooly-Chasm FAQ

What is Chasm by Wahooly?
A new experiment in social backscratching. Chasm by Wahooly curates high-quality content to match your specific interests and areas of influence, presenting you with things you're most likely to share. In return for supporting your peers, you're given the opportunity be shared in return. Chasm refines the content you're presented by measuring what you've shared.

Who can participate?
Chasm is about sharing influence, therefore we're currently limiting the user group to individuals that have a Klout score of 50 or higher. If you're an existing Wahooly member, you've been grandfathered in — congrats!

What about Wahooly?
Wahooly is still alive and well. Chasm is a secondary product brought about by user demand. Companies that create outstanding content that matches the interests of Chasm users are also able to participate.

How do you track and measure sharing?
Sharing is done through a bar located at the top of each article you receive from us. Each user has a unique URL associated to every article you see. When you share using that URL, we're crediting you for that share as well as refining our understanding of what type of content interests you.

How do I submit content?
Submitting content is easy. Simply follow any of the links provided in the headers of each category. Or, you can submit content here. You'll be asked for the URL and categorization. That's it.

How do you choose which content will be featured in each email?
Simply put, we're looking for quality content. We evaluate each piece of content based on these criteria:

  1. Does it match a category of interest to our users?
  2. Does it cover a topic in that category that is relevant to the subject at hand?
  3. Is it well composed and free from spelling/grammatical errors?
  4. Is it informational/entertaining rather than promotional?
  5. Engaging title that relates to the content.

After I submit content, how long before it's sent out?
If your content submission meets our criteria (see above), it will be put in the queue for the next available opportunity. Depending on the amount of submissions any given day, this could take up to 2 weeks.

How often will I receive content to share?
The frequency of each email is entirely dependent upon the quality of the submissions. You'll never receive more than one email per day.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Chasm is run by the team at Wahooly. Visit the contact us page for more information.